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San Antonio Roof Repairs

Putting that pesky roofing problem in the past!


Roof Leak Repairs in San Antonio, Texas

Roof leaks are the number one cause for roof failures. They allow water to penetrate the decking, and ultimately enter the dwelling. When a fix roof leak is not taken care of, you can be assured your small leak, will turn into a catastrophic problem.

San Antonio Missing Shingles Roof

Missing shingles roof repair, or "wind blown" shingles happens when your shingles age, or are installed improperly. The matting becomes brittle and allows lower winds to blow them off. This allows direct passages to the underlayment, which will absorb water until roof rot is discovered. Leaving without fix missing shingles roof will lead to a catastrophic failure of your roofing system.


San Antonio Roof Vents, Pipe Stacks in San Antonio

Roof inventory consists of various ventilation products, and pipe stacks installed on your roof. Builders grade typically consists of soft plastics which over time get worn out from sun exposure. These are typically one of the number one reasons a roof will leak.

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roof repair
roof repair
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